Hoping To Be Pregnant Again

I am 25 years old and I just lost my baby at 5weeks Feb.26,2011 and I end up having sex with my husband on the 2nd and 3rd of Mar.2011 (I think he stopped me from bleeding my full 7 days) We are hoping yhat I am pregnant again...

I have read a lot about other women having a baby right after a miscarriage also hearing that you are even more fertile when you have a MC or Giving birth to your newborn...

I'm excited also worried I do not want to go through the same thing again.. I'm getting some kind of String mucus that's stretchy and also clear no smell and it seems like my vaj has become more wet than before I am also having Headaches and a metal taste in my mouth with wanting to throw up and I'm blowing air.....

I'm wondering if its all in my head or am I pregnant and just feeling the symptoms..

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Hoping To Be Pregnant Again

Mar 14, 2011
Pregnant or ovulation
by: Paula


I am sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Regarding you being pregnant or not, it is hard to say. It does sound a bit too early to me to ovulate already 5 days after a miscarriage, but maybe the embryo had been dead for a while before you actually miscarriaged. In such case I guess it could be possible.

It is also possible that you are ovulating! Which is also a good thing, this early after a miscarriage. So grab the opportunity just in case ;-)

Thanks for sharing, and good luck! If it turns out that you really are pregnant, please come back and let us know.


Mar 14, 2011
take care of yourself.
by: friendly advice

I am sorry to hear of your loss. The excitement and planning of a child happens as soon as you find out you are pregnant, all the what ifs. My advice is for you to allow your body and mind to heal. I understand you want another baby right away, but give yourself and your body time. I hear stories all the time about women getting pregnant right away, and once they get pregnant again they are scared..and understandably. I wish you well and hope you are well in the days ahead. While I have never miscarried, I have lost a child at the age of 2, and I understand wanting to have my child and how upsetting loss truly is.

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