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Try Out your New Hairstyle Online – Perfect For a New Mom!

trying hairstyle onlineSometimes the old hairstyle just isn’t working anymore. Or you want to change it anyway. As a new mom, I didn’t cut my hair for over a year. I wore a more and more worn ponytail. So boring. Practical, for sure, but a new hairstyle would have been a fun way to feel a bit better while being so exhausted.

Anyway, I recently tried an online hairstyle software for the first time to get some quick and easy (and fun) help and I wanted to share my view on it. Best – it just got free sign up! It used to cost around $7 per month, but they decided to skip that fee. 🙂

When I became a member, I was pleasantly surprised by that they provide both online hair consultations and a possibility to try out thousands of different hairstyles with your own photo. The photos and hairstyles I expected, obviously, from trying the demo, but I hadn’t expected any consultations, and especially none of any value. So why not have som fun and try it out. You can read about my experience of it below and also try for yourself in the demo at the bottom of this post.

Here we go:
Actually, the first time I used their services, I liked the hair consultations better than the actual hairstyle simulator.

The consultations gave me lots of tips on what to think of when choosing a new hairstyle, such as my length, body build, the shape of my face, hair quality, the length of my neck and much more. It also suggested some 76 hairstyles that would work well for me. A really neat service! Here, for examples, they do recommendations based on face shape.

On the other hand, the first time I tried the online Hairstyler, I honestly looked like a lunatic in almost any hairstyle. Not very encouraging! But then I uploaded a better photo (i.e. looking into the camera, white background etc), according to the instructions, and it all went a lot better.

The hairstyle software is really cool and includes female and male hairstyles, everyday haircuts, and celebrity hairstyles, wedding hairstyles and even dreadlocks and beards. The only thing I miss is children’s hairstyle ideas.

So even if it doesn’t look 100% authentic; with a good photo, the hairstyle simulator – well, both the consultations and the virtual upload-a-photo hairstyler – are great tools to help you choose a haircut and style that really suits you. And they provide detailed styling instructions (with pictures) that you can print if you like.

So get your free membership with unlimited photo uploads and consultations and get going. As I said, it used to be paid service. Hopefully, it stays free. They actually have over 2 million members and some 350 hair saloons use their software for their clients. So, it is a legitimate service, that is now fo FREE. 🙂

You can can register as a member here (Why not try a new hairstyle for your hubby too..? 🙂 )

Have fun!