Giving Birth to Katelyn

by Chikela Owens
(Columbus, Ga.)

The birth of my daughter was a pre planned birth because my husband job is out of town. We wanted him to be there for the birth. I arrived at the Medical Center at 5 a.m. You know we did the normal things.

My favorite memory of the morning was when the nurses came in to do an ultrasound. They wanted to make sure Katelyn had turn to the right position. When they turned on the monitor she was waving. The nurses were so excited that they called all the other nurses in to see her. She was just sitting there waving as if she was saying hello.

My doctor had to break my water and then the guy came in for the epidural. Well, because I'm a lil overweight he said he could not find the nerve and he couldn't carry out the epidural. So it was only meds through the I.V. I was okay because I had my husband and about to have a baby.

Around noon my doctor came in to say he thought that she will be here around 2 in the afternoon. I was happy but I guess Katelyn got scared. Her heart beat starting dropping. So when they stopped everything will get back normal with her. Needless, to say Katelyn was not born at 2. They eventually had to give me a c-section because I was in labor so long my pelvic had become swollen...

The pain I was in was unbearable and it seemed like the meds had wore off but it was definitely worth it.

So Katelyn was born at 10:30 that night. My husband was the first person I saw when I opened my eyes. He said we had a beautiful baby girl... Ms. Katelyn Elizabeth. She was 21 inches long and 8lbs and 7oz. I will definitely do that again!!!

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