Frequent Urination

by Shriya

I have a happy, healthy six month old. He is quite active - sits for some time without support, creeps on stomach all over, gets into crawling position, pulls up using low sitting couch etc.

However he urinates very often, almost 25-30 times a day, it is not few drops but proper flow. (We in India, use cloth nappies which makes it easy to understand). My pediac suggested urine test. There was no glucose , but pus cells of 4-5 hpf. After 10 days antibiotics, the urine test showed up normal. But he still urinates the same amount.

His food consists breastmilk 4-5 times a day and 4 meals of solids or semi-solids.

Now my pediac has deduced that he is fine, and maybe urinates more because he is on his tummy most of the time.

Do I have reason to be worried?

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Frequent Urination

May 22, 2008
Your Boy Seems To Be Fine!
by: Baby Help Line

Hi Shriya!

How good that you took your boy to the doctor to rule out any illness. If there was no glucose and the antibiotics obviously helped, I think you can be calm.

Babies are very different in how often they pee. It is generally said that baby shoudl really wet 6-8 diapers per day when they are really young. That doesn't mean they should only pee 6-8 times per day though, it is more a measure of them drinking enough fluid.

You should of course continue to watch for signs of illness, but really, it sounds as if your boy is just fine!

May 15, 2009
by: archanachetan

hi shriya
happy to find u as i was also one who was worrying about my son aadiyashas' urine frequency.doc had suggested him urine culture i dint go for that.i watched him for sometime disscused wid i m feeling relieved.aadi passes pee 10-15 times in day.he is 7 months old.4-6times he breast feeds 4 semisolid night he rarely passes.he is now 9 kgs.he passes urine immediately when he rolls on his tummy. bye

Oct 30, 2011
Baby Urine
by: Sajjid

My six months old baby boy is peeing more then 6 to 7 times in every half an hour. Also the force of urine is less than usual.Can you help me to find the reason? Also I find ants in his used nappy .

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