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What's more fascinating than reading birth stories? Maybe giving birth yourself... But reading sure is less painful ;-)

Long before I gave birth, I remember surfing the Internet, reading all these fantastic birth diaries provided by new moms.

Now you have the opportunity to share your experiences with mothers from all over the world.

We all have different experiences and/or expectations.

Below you'll find many uncensored, real birth stories of different kinds shared by moms. You can have a look at the birth stories by theme here:

Natural Birth Stories

C Section Birth Stories

Vaginal Birth Diaries

Traumatic Birth Diaries

Premature Birth

Giving Birth Some Decades Ago

How about you?

What was is like to give birth to your child or children? What worked and what didn't? Maybe you even have some tips for expecting moms? Please share your birth experiences through our contact form here. Immensely appreciated by other moms-to be!


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