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My 1 year old little girl has little red spots on her vagina and her bum and vagina are a little sore. Also she has a temperature tonight of 38.5. What can this be? Should I call a doc?

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Reasons For Rash & Fever In Babies

Poor little girl! She obviously has something going on.

The rash and fever might be related or not. There are many types of viruses for both children and adults that give fever and strange rashes or spots. It may also be that the rash and fever are not related, or that she does have fever due to a cold and she is getting some diaper rash due to her higher body temperature and becoming warm and moist in the diaper area.

Most likely, whatever she has isn’t dangerous, but a call to her doctor still seems like a good idea, at least if the fever and rash continues for more than a few days or if her condition becomes worse. Better to be safe than sorry! Also, make sure you let her run or crawl around without diapers as much as possible.

If she doesn’t want to eat, make sure she at least drinks enough liquid to pee regularly.

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Apr 16, 2013

rash fever now red around the eyes

by: Anonymous

The same has happened with my little 3 yr old girl who now has developed a red-looking mask around her face. We are taking her in now to get looked at. She wont eat either but (white) gaterade or pedilite is your friend.

Aug 08, 2013

similar rash with my kids
by: Anonymous

My daughters but had similar rashes and our family doctor told us it was likely due to a slight fungal infection – similar to a yeast infection. We bought Vagisil or Canesten and applied it with the zinc oxide cream and it cleared up within a day. We never noticed a fever though…..

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