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how to take baby picturesYour baby is probably the world’s cutest infant… I know mine is. Everyone one of them. ;-)

But capturing nice baby pictures can be hard. Or at least capturing a really good baby photo. All of a sudden, the little cutie appears to have seven chins, no eyes, a crooked nose, and just never smiles….

So what are your alternatives?

Well, you could go to a professional photographer and spend hundreds of dollars and hopefully get really great pictures – from one occasion.

Or you could endure.

Or you could learn how to take really great baby pictures yourself.

Taking Photos of Babies Made Easy

I’ve done the third alternative. Since I run Easy Baby Life I get all sorts of weird offers to try baby products. I was also recently contacted by a photographer, who had written a whole book about taking baby photos. Well, with my own experience of the seven chins, no eyes, etc, I got curious.

take baby picturesSo I got the book and started to read. And I soon realized that I had stumbled upon a gem. I soooo wish I had read this book before the birth of our first child. I found it when our third child was already one-year-old. However, it is still very useful!

So why is it so good then?

Well, it includes hands-on, practical tips to really improve the baby pictures. And the tips are adjusted to the baby’s age and abilities. For example, you’ll learn how to capture a magical photo of your baby on the very first day outside the womb. The tips include light, your baby’s position, the position of the adult, background, and more for that particular moment.

Then the book goes on with tips on baby poses for the 0-3 months old baby, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months. (The latter poses work well for older children too.) The book is filled with sample photos, which is very helpful.

You’ll find great inspiration on fun themes, like the baby playing grown-up, eating, and playing with a parent, to mention some.

There are also a lot of tips on how to prepare for the photoshoot, how to make the session successful, and what to do afterward, like cropping and saving the photos.

Simply put, this is a great resource!

You can check out the book “Photograph Baby Masterpieces” here, (link to Amazon). I don’t think you will ever regret it (and it only costs a few dollars). (And if you do regret it, you’ll get your money back.)

Drawbacks of the book and some great alternatives

The drawbacks…? Well, some people might find it too detailed. If you simply want a checklist, you might not be interested in over 100 pages of tips and inspiration. I also find the book slightly disorganized.

Finally, the author is himself the photographer and the book, despite filled with very good tips, is not in itself very professionally produced. But, I can easily endure those drawbacks considering the wealth of knowledge shared by the photographer in this book.

Another drawback – it is on Kindle. It used to be a printed book, but not anymore. If you’re not into Kindle, you won’t be able to read it.

So what then..? Well, I have also taken couple on online courses that teach baby and kids photography. This is also a great option – maybe even better for some people! Here are two courses that I can really recommend:

As you can see, one is particularly for taking pictures of newborn babies, and the other one is for kids of all ages. Check them out!

Now either way – the book or a course – I promise you, it is worth it! Don’t settle for meh baby pictures; you  really don’t have to.

Have fun!

By the way – do you have a photo of your baby that you are REALLY satisfied with or the opposite? :-) Share below among the comments if you want! :-)

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