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Baby questions need answers! This section of Easy Baby Life gives you just that! All types of questions related to babies and how to take care of them. Many parents offer their view on what works and not. Join in, ask, answer, share your thoughts and experiences. Every view is welcome as long as it is respectful! Most welcome, my friend!

Baby HelplineEven the calmest, happiest baby and the most experienced mom or dad will run into questions regarding baby sleeping, feeding, pooping or other baby issue.

Here you'll find hundreds of questions, answers, and discussions on baby-related questions. Have fun browsing!

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7 Month Old Baby Has Diarrhea Suddenly – Why?

My 7 month old baby has diarrhea and is not teething. He poops at least 7-10 times a day,but previously he used to poop only twice a day, our doctor advised to change to lactose free, when has diarrhea but it is not working, please advice. Baby Help Line: Possible Reasons For Diarrhea In 7 Month Old The number of …

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5 Month Old Has Infrequent Bowel Movements

by Sarah (Alabama) I started solids after my baby’s 4 month check up. He got really runny rice cereal. Then some watered down pears (3 X) and some prunes 1 X. He is exclusively breastfed. Before I began solids he pooed everyday. Then with the cereal every other day. Then it took 4 days and we are at 4 days …

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