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Baby Sleep Questions

Most babies don't sleep through the night. And most parents are exhausted. But for many babies, their sleep can be improved with a bit of help. Do you recognise any of these situations?

“My baby wakes up all the time.”

“My newborn won't go to sleep without being carried”

“When will my 9 months old sleep through the night, I am so exhausted…”

By browsing the baby sleep questions and answers below, you'll find out what's normal and not as well as get many tips on how to improve your baby's sleep pattern.

You can also check out our baby sleep section here.

Something to remember – if your baby is newborn, 4 months old, 9 months old or 18 months old and wakes up a lot, it is completely normal. These are all stages that are known to involve shaky sleep for the baby. When newborn, a baby's sleep is shallow and the sleep cycles are short. 4, 9 an 18 months are all development stages, when most babies are a bit harder to settle. You can learn more about babies' sleep patterns month by month here.

How To Get Baby to Fall Asleep On Her Own?

by Kyla (Canada) My husband and I have recently got our 8 month old to fall asleep without breastfeeding, but she still needs to be rocked and cuddled. I would like to just be able to put her to bed at night and for her naps and have her fall asleep on her own. How can we do this with …

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5-Month-Old Baby Refusing to Sleep

by Felicity (Richmond, VA) My 5-month-old baby will not nap during the day or sleep at night without an all out battle. He cries, screams, yells, stiffens up, arches his back, tears pouring down his face, etc. when it is nap time or bedtime. I know he is tired as he can barely keep his eyes open and when he …

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My 3 Month Old Will Not Sleep In His Crib

by Hallie (Tennessee) My 3 month old son will not sleep in his crib… I allowed him to sleep with us for what I thought was going to be only a month or so…. but for the last 2 weeks I have been trying to get him to sleep alone in his crib…and it will not work… It is like …

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Infant Sleeping In Car Seat – Safe Or Not?

Infant sleeping in car seat

by Olga My 2 month old daughter falls asleep and has a good 2-4hs sleep only if I let my baby sleep in her car seat… I worry if it’s safe for her backbone and health in general. I’d really appreciate your opinion and advice. By the way, I’m very happy I ran across your site – I’ve found it …

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Erratic Breathing And Shaking While Falling Asleep

by Holly (USA) My baby is 3 months old and I notice that on occasion her body shakes slightly while she falls asleep. It happens very sporadically (maybe once every week or two), but it has been happening ever since she was born. Is this normal? It lasts probably 10-20 seconds and then stops. If I try to arouse her …

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4 Month Old Wont Sleep In Crib Or Bassinet

by Lisha (California) My four month old baby won’t sleep in his crib or his bassinet. The minute I put him down he gets restless and wakes right up. He starts to squirm and cry! I try to console him, but he just wants me to pick him up and put him in our bed. I am getting no sleep. …

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6 months, No Naps, and Not Sleeping Well At Night

by Connie (Wisconsin) My 6-month-old slept only in a car seat until a week and a half ago. He accepted the transition of sleeping in his crib relatively easily (had to use some transitioning props), however now he only sleeps for an hour and a half to 2 hours at the most and wakes up. I can not put him …

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