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Traveling with a baby can be so exhausting, but sometimes you find those little gems....

Countries where everyone seems to love kids... Baby friendly hotels where the staff will warm up your baby's bottle and hold him while your finish your meal... Family friendly beaches with the perfect shadow for a little baby...

Parents from around the world are your fellow visitors to Easy Baby Life, so what could be more valuable than their first hand tips on where to go to have a wonderful traveling experience with your baby.

If you have been to a place, please share your experiences too! Any tip from a city with great activities for children, to a fantastic beach or some baby friendly accommodation or restaurant are all most appreciated by parents trying to make the most out of their family vacation.

And when you have decided where to go, you can start planning for your trip with the help of these tips on traveling with a baby.

Have a great trip! Now just browse all the baby friendly vacation spots by geography here:

USA Vacations With Baby






North Carolina

New York

South Carolina






Baby Friendly Cruises

Best Places With Baby In India

Best Other Places For Vacation With Baby

Is your favorite, kid friendly vacation spot missing? Please help us fill in the gaps by visiting our contact page and write a short review. You can of course also share your experienses - good or bad - by posting a comment below.

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