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Baby Drooling – a Viral Meningitis After Effect in Babies?

baby drooling meningitis after effect
Mom’s Question:
My baby boy started drooling in his 3rd mth and I worry that it is due to the viral meningitis he had when he was 7 weeks old. He is now 5.5 mths,and still drooling excessively. He likes to eat whatever things he can grasp, and he is growing accordingly.

As I said, he had viral meningitis at 7 weeks, and hospitalized for 4 days. He has passed the hearing test, and PD said he is normal and grows as a 5th mth baby.

Just worried that the drooling is an after effect of meningitis. Or is it just a normal process for some babies?

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Baby Helpline:

Baby Drooling – A Side Effect Of Viral Meningitis?

First of all, drooling is very much part of being a baby. Many babies drool a lot and it doesn’t seem to bother them. Some babies tend to drool so much (regardless of any teething), that they spend their first year wearing a drooling bib every day… Just imagine how wet it will be when these babies are teething..!

Your baby is now at an age when he could be teething and you can find teething symptoms here.

Regarding the drooling being an effect of viral meningitis, I never heard of that side effect. I do know that possible two after effect for young babies are a somewhat delayed speech development as well as hearing impairment, but that is usually not after viral meningitis, but rather after bacterial meningitis.

Viral meningitis can also have after effects, and more so in infants than older children and adults, but the effects are more related to balance, concentration, mood and headaches and not typically drooling.

If you are worried, why not ask the doctors that took care of your son while he was ill (or some other informed pediatrician).

I wish you good luck and sincerely hope that the drooling has nothing to do with your baby’s meningitis or any other issue than being a baby!

P.S. Here are two excellent reference books for baby health issues and injuries:

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Nov 12, 2013

meningitis at 5 weeks

by: kelz

My daughter had meningitis at 5 weeks old it was diagnosed bacterial meningitis she had 2 LP and antibiotics pumped thru her she was in hospital for 2 weeks but now she is 6 months old she is also drooling and she is always sticking her tongue out and i mean constantly its worrying me too so any advice would be also greatly apreciated kelz

Feb 14, 2014

by: Dolma

I have a daughter and she is soon going to be one year..and still she is drooling a lot… I use to change three four times bibs. Do you have any idea when normally drooling baby stop drooling ? Need suggest.. thanks

Mar 08, 2014

by: Anonymous

Babies usually stop drooling at about one year old or at most one and a half year old. So, is normal for a child to drools. If the child is still drooling after the particular age, so he/she might hv problem in controlling oral motor/muscles, control of the movement of jaws or sensation problem where the child doesn’t even know that he is drooling. Beside these, of course there are other factors that might contribute to this problem which needs diagnosis frm related professionals

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