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First baby, second, third… there are always new – and old – things coming up. How do I best do this or that? Well, I think you’ve come to the right place! Here are REAL baby care tips based on real-life experiences as well as research. Browse the different categories below. For more detailed discussions among parents, visit our Baby Helpline!

Baby care sections:


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Baby Care Tips For All Occasions

Baby Sleep Tips

baby sleep tipsNeed help to improve your baby’s sleep pattern? Here you’ll find all from fact about babies’ sleep pattern to, baby sleep schedules, routines, SIDS information, help with getting your baby to accept the crib and more.

You can also browse a large number of baby sleep questions answered by our mom experts.

Find our Baby Sleep section here.


Baby Feeding Tips

baby feeding tips

Here we provide you with tips for a successful baby food introduction, baby food recipes, a vitamin guide, tips on how to deal with picky eaters, feeding schedules for different age groups and more.

You can also browse a large number of baby feeding questions answered by our mom experts.

Find our Baby Feeding section here.


Daily Care Tips

daily baby care
Diapering, taking care of the umbilical cord stump, cutting baby nails, dealing with cradle cap, thrush, constipation, pacifiers, swaddling your baby, soothing a crying baby…

There are a lot of tasks to be handled when you are a new parent! Here you will find many articles with daily baby care tips guiding you through the day with your baby.

Find our Daily Baby Care section here.


Baby Development

baby developmentDuring your baby’s first year, his or her development really is a trip at the speed of light!

Here you’ll find a monthly guide, including milestones, games you can play to stimulate your baby’s development (and have fun!) and toy tips suitable for your baby’s age.

Find our Monthly Baby Development section here.


Baby Activity Tips

baby activitiesAt some point, when your baby is a few months old, he or she is ready for some more action. Now is a great time to start attending baby swim classes, for example. Or just go to the playground and watch older kids play.

Here we’ll give baby activity tips and also useful advice to make the actual activity you pick work out great for you and your baby.

Find our Baby Activities section here.


Traveling Tips

baby travel tipsPlan to go traveling with your baby?

Don’t miss our baby travel tips, offering advice on where to go (including lots of favorite vacation spots described by other parents), how to make your baby endure the car trip, air trip, sleep better away from home, feel good despite the heat and more.

Find our Baby Travel Tips section here.


Baby Gear Advice

baby gear advceBaby gear is important but often very expensive. Here you’ll find advice on how to choose strollers, car seats, bedding and so on. Also learn what baby gear NOT to buy.

Find our baby Gear Advice section here.


Baby Gift Tips

baby gift tipsBaby gift tips month by month, toys clothes, jewelry, for new mom, for new dad and much more.

Find our Baby Gifs Tips section here.