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My 7 month old son has had “normal” bowel movements since birth and recently has stopped having loose bowel mvt. He strains to push out the poo, and has multiple poo’s each day. The size ranges from walnut size up to a full diaper. The poo is a little mushy, but not rock hard. Is this normal or should I call my doctor?

I was told that he should still have liquidy stool not mushy or hard. His mushy consistency is like playdoh.



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7 Month Baby With Mushy, Frequent Poop – Normal or Not?

Have you changed your son’s diet lately? If your baby is eating any amounts of solid foods, the poop usually goes from liquid to mushy or even harder.

The fact that he goes several times per day is completely normal. The frequency of bowel movements – unless a baby has severe diarrhea or very hard poop, varies from person to person and really is nothing to focus on. Also straining and pushing is quite normal, especially if you have introduced solid foods lately.

Signs that your son is constipated would be that the poop is very hard and dry or pebble-like, if the stools have streaks of blood on the outside, and that the pooping is painful. (You can learn more about the signs of constipation here.)

So unless your son is showing clear signs of constipation as described above or other signs of illness, I don’t think you have to worry much about his bowel movements.

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Nov 22, 2012

9 month old-frequent bowel mvt

by: Jennifer

My son is 9 months and we have started to notice that he is pooping ALOT. I feel like I’m always changing his diaper. Worse, he has now developed a terrible diaper rash. I’m not sure if its because of teething or just the fact that he’s constantly poopy.

The consistancy of the poop varies. Sometimes relatively hard, like a “normal” poop. Othertimes, it seems very soft and mushy, but not quite diaharrea.

I was thinking maybe it was because we were giving him too much cereal. Is there anything I should do? Should I be worred?


Dec 02, 2012

Frequent Bowel Movement And Diet

by: Paula (Easy Baby Life)

One of the most common reasons that a baby’s bowel movements are changes is a change of diet. Introduction of formula or new solid foods may drastically change your baby’s pooping habits over night.

Whether to worry?

The main reasons to worry are pain or constipation (hard stools). You can find symptoms of constipation here.

And for diet ideas related to bowel movement frequency, check out this thread.

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