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5 Month Old Baby Cries Before And After Urinating

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by Herbert

My 5 months old baby wets at least 15 diapers a day. He cries before and after.

Any ideas why this might be happening?

Baby Help Line:

Painful And Frequent Peeing In Babies

I think you should have your baby checked for a urinary tract infection. Even if it is much more common that girls get UTIs, boys can get them too.

Not too seldom, boys can also get a small wound in the urethra, something that certainly can hurt. Try to check for any redness that might explain the pain.

Another possiblity could of course be a diaper rash that is sore.

Whether 15 diapers is a lot or not is hard to say. Have you noticed a big increase in wet diapers recently? At 5 months most babies have no bladder control at all so they will most likely pee very often, only we don’t notice, because the diapers are so dry these days. In older children, frequent urination can be a symptom of urinary tract infection, but it is not the most common symptom in babies. A low grade fever, foul smell of the urine, cloudy urine and a fussy baby are more common symptoms.

But again, call his pediatrician; no need to take any chances with such a young fellow and of course he should not be in pain when urinating. Ou can also check out this thread with many babies that cry before urination.

Good luck,

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Nov 06, 2012

Blood in urine- 4months old

by: nac

My 4 months old boy has Blood in urine, UTI says the Dr. Have anyone seen this and how was the treatment? He is currently on antibiotics.
Baby Help Line: Blood in urine should definitely be examined. You say your baby is right now on antibiotics – does this have anything to do with treating e.g. urinary tract infection? Such infection would be a common reason for a little bit of blood in the urine. However, if a doctor has NOT yet examined your baby for this blood, make sure to schedule an appointment right away. Good luck!

Nov 09, 2012

Baby cries before urine
by: Rao (Malaysia)

My baby Anushka is 3 weeks old. She is having symptom of crying for about 10 seconds before urination. The symptom occurs once every 5 times of urination. Already did UTI scan and the result shows the organs are in good condition. Any idea of next step?

For your information, she wears napkins with nappy liner during day time and diapers during night time. She is taking Enfalac A+. When the napkin gets wet, immediately her mom changes her napkin after cleaning with wipes.

Thanking you in advance.

Nov 11, 2012

Probably no problem

by: Paula (Baby Help Line)

Hi Rao,

Congratulations on your little baby 🙂

Very good that you have already had your baby examined for UTI. That would have been my first advice. If all organs are in good shape as you write, then it might actually be that your daughter finds the hot urine uncomfortable. A diaper rash will of course also make it worse. It is actually quite common that babies cry while urinating without any medical reasons.

How about if you let her be without diapers? Does she still cry?

If she seems healthy, gains weight and wets her diapers, then you can probably wait for a while and see it she stops crying while urinating. If she gets worse, the go see a doctor again.


Feb 18, 2013

4 weeks baby boy cry before urinate

by: Fatimah

My 4 weeks baby boy cry before urinate and i thought it was due to circumcision that he has not undergo. I took him to the hospital for circumcision but after the healing he stil cry before urinate and most time he use to retain some and later discharge it. Pls can u tel me what to do cos am first time mum.

May 29, 2013

UTI found and cured with antibiotics still cries before urinating

by: Latha Sam


My Son is 5 months old and he had UTI last month and we used antibiotics and doctor said urine culture is normal. But he is still crying (Very extreme) before urinating. Once he passes the urine he is back to normal. We are worried about his pain because he is very little and undergoing lot of pain and cant explain his pain. As I said UTI was cured with Antibiotics so what other options we have to relieve him from pain. We don’t want to do circusisation just due to this reason as it won’t work for sure.

My baby had 4month vaccination few days ago.

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