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2 Week Vacation To Tenerife (Spain) With Toddler

Vacation Teneriffa With Toddler
Las Teresitas, Tenerife

Parent’s tips on Tenerife vacation with a toddler

by Hajoseb
(Frankfurt, Germany)

When my daughter was at the age of 2, we were on a 2-week vacation to a Spanish island, called Teneriffa. It was her first flight (4.5h), but everything was fine. She liked the toys and food she got on the plane.

I never forget the moment, when we walked to the beach for the first time, my daughter took a look at the ocean, turned around and said: “Daddy, I would prefer to swim in a smaller pool” 🙂

Teneriffa is a great place for vacation, especially in the middle part of the island, where everything is green. At the south part, it’s more “dusty”, desert like, and mostly visited by beach-freaks.

On Teneriffa it is easy to go on short trips over the island, just take the local public-bus.

Kid Friendly Places In Tenerife

Tenerife really is a great island to visit with young children. Here are a few places to go on the island:

There is a zoo or wildlife park called Loro Park. It has a shark pool, tigers, monkeys and many other animals. Children younger than 6 years pay no entrance fees. You can read more about Loro Park on their website. (opens in new window)

Another activity is to take a walk in the Botanical Gardens at Puerto de la Cruz. Not nearly as spectacular as the wildlife park, of course, but worth a visit for a couple of hours to admire the beautiful trees and flowers.

Since Spain’s highest mountain happens to be here at Tenerife, it can be fun to take the cable car up to the top (3,700 meters!) The mountain is called Mount Teide and is located in the center of the island.

Remember that it can be quite chilly at the top and often even snow. A lot of fun for any child old enough to appreciate that, but don’t forget to bring extra clothes. If you bring a baby along, use a baby sling or carrier, not a stroller.

Then, of course, you have Tenerife’s lovely beaches. Avoid El Medano, because it can have strong currents and high winds. Instead, head for the beaches of Playa de Jardin and Playa de las Teresitas in Santa Cruz or for the famous Playa de las Americas (to the south).

If you bring along older children, spend a day at the Siam Park; one of Europe’s largest water parks. Some rides are really wild, but others are slow and nice and perfectly fine for a young child or even a baby (in swim diapers). Visit Siam Park’s website here.

Have a great trip!

If you’ve been to Tenerife or plan to go, please share your tips and experiences by leaving a comment below!