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Mom’s Question:

My daughter has been rubbing her left eye a lot lately and now it waters and she gets clod/sleep in her eye all the time. Only that eye. She also has a runny nose and a cough to match; kinda like she has a cold.

Should I take her to the hospital or should I not worry about it? Her eye also turned red for a couple of hours but went away n shes still rubbing her eye and it has stopped watery.

Baby Helpline:

Pink Eye Or A Cold For Baby

What to do, and what may be the reason for your baby’s irritated eye really depends on how long you mean by “lately”. If it’s been only a day, the reason might be a foreign object that got into her eye. To check for that – wash your hands and gently pull her lower lid down to see if there is anything in her eye. If there is, say and eyelash, stuck in there, do not remove it with your hands but try rinsing it out with lukewarm boiled water.

If your baby’s eye has been irritated for a few days, I believe she has a cold and it is irritating her eye.

If it is a pink eye, she will have drainage coming from her eye and it would stay red. She would also be irritable when she rubbed her eye because it feels similar to having sand in your eye.

Pink eye is a viral or bacterial infection to the eye and will not typically be associated with cough and a runny nose, although of course, they can come at the same time. But since the redness comes and goes and only when she rubs her eye, I really do believe the redness is due to the cold and the rubbing rather than to a pink eye infection. If the redness doesn’t disappear or you see pus in her eye, then she might have developed conjunctivitis (pink eye) due to spreading virus to her eye.

Regarding her cold, it is not a reason to visit the doctor, unless it doesn’t go away within 7-10 days, or if she gets a very high fever, painful deep cough, breathing difficulty, or some other indication of more severe illness.

If she continues to have a runny nose, clod in her eye, and cough after 10 days then you need to see your pediatrician because she may have a sinus infection, which would require an antibiotic. If she starts to run a rectal temperature of 100.4 or higher than take her to the doctor to be checked out.

If you feel something is just not right then follow your instinct and take her to your pediatrician. I hope she starts to feel better.

(Answer approved by our Medical Doctors’ Team)

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Mar 08, 2018 Breast Milk To Treat Pink Eye
by: Anonymous

Well, believe it or not, breast milk drops for pink eye, unreal how good this works. Our little girl @ the time was about 1 1\2 months old we tried all the Doctor meds; poor thing nothing worked. Yellow pus was steady coming out of her eye, so we read this on the net and gave it a shot. WOW, a drop every 4 hours. Sometimes we skipped because she was getting more irritated for trying to get her eye open but it really works cleared up in about 5 days we also had to gently push the pus out. It is easy to do and keep changing the cloth. Wash your hands every time you touch her eye.

Pink eye spreads easy. We got good @ it we found the best way was to use a syringe with the needle taken off and draw up a bit of milk and then just push out a drop while she had her eye open. I got my wife to talk to her from above her head so she would look up at her then plop right in. That worked well. You will miss but you will get better at it.

Don’t despair if her eye with the milk will get all crusty but that’s ok. When it is time for the next treatment, just wipe it off with a warm cloth and again try to push the pus out then clean it up and add the milk again.

And for baby thrush if your baby gets this, forget the Doctor meds, just use tincture of gentian violet. It will be gone in 3 to four days. She or he will have a dark purple mouth but it goes away. Just swab it with a q tip all in her cheeks and on the tongue where most of the problem is. You can get this stuff @ most health food stores.

Hope this helps you

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