Great Beach Vacation At Hilton Head, SC

by Amy P

Hilton Head Beach

Hilton Head Beach

Hilton Head Beach Hilton Head Island

This past summer we took the kids to Hilton Head, South Carolina. It was the perfect family spot!

Our kids (7, 3 and just turned 1) had a wonderful time. We stayed at the Hilton Beach Front Resort for 5 days. The hotel was very child friendly. They offered large rooms, restaurants, and 2 pools. The pools especially came in handy at the end of a long day on the beach, or in the evening after dinner. Just steps away was the ocean.

The reason that this is an ideal spot for families, especially those with small kids and babies, is that the beach itself has hard packed sand. It made it possible for my 1 year old, who was just getting steady on his feet, to walk around without any trouble. The sand is so firm that they even rent bicycles to ride on the beach.

All three kids were able to enjoy themselves, despite having different interests. My oldest was mainly interested in being in the water, my middle had a great time building sand castles, and the youngest just wanted to trot around the whole time.

The ocean itself was clean and clear of seaweed etc, so there weren't any concerns of the kids getting "grossed out". We are planning on going back there next summer!!

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Great Beach Vacation At Hilton Head, SC

Oct 08, 2010
by: camper trailers for sale

Thanks for sharing! It helps a lot. Wish that everyone would be so kind like you to share info.



Feb 26, 2011
Huge Thanks
by: JKReeves

Thank you for posting your review. It's very difficult to find other parents who post comments are their trips with young children and Hilton Head sounds like a great location.

Oct 21, 2011
Our Hilton Head Beach Baby Trip
by: Allison

We went to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina last year and we had a blast. We stay in a condo right across from Coligny Square. We can walk to the beach, which is very family friendly. The condo that we stay at is on the first floor so we don't have to worry about going up and down the stairs. The Piggly Wiggly is directly across the street so we can get what we need without getting in to the car.

There's a great restaurant that you can sit outside called Skillets. They have good breakfast and the staff is very friendly. We also go to the Art Cafe that's behind the Piggly Wiggly, it's great fun and it's very kid friendly. You just have to watch out that the baby doesn't break anything.

There are several shops in Coligny Plaza that you can go and just look around and shop. There's a great ice cream shop too that has several flavors and the staff is very nice. Great place to go with kids and babies, fun for the whole family.

Also, the Crazy Crab is a wonderful restaurant and they have a play ground outside for the kids to play in if they get antsy and need to get up. Great food and wonderful playground. The staff is awesome!!

Comment by EasyBabyLife: Thanks a lot for all these very specific tips! Here are the links to the restaurants that Allison recommend:

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